Please sell me your old Beagleboard

Hi, I can not afford the new xM board. Will you please sell me your
old operatonal
Beagleboard so I can begin experimenting with Ubuntu Linux?

thank you for reading my email,
Ken - N9VV


I’ve been looking to upgrade and would be glad to sell you my rev B board. It’s in perfect condition. Contact me off list with an offer.


I hope you get one Ken. Last week and earlier this week I have been exploring Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a C3 running SDR programs quisk, sdr-shell-rxtx and xlinrad.

All problems are on the audio side.
I can playback an audio file recorded on another box, but a locally recorded file only plays back as only white noise, e.g doesn't seem to be able to record from the on-board sound card or from a USB sound card.
Running 2 USB sound cards I get a complaint of lack of bandwidth.

It's obviously capable of handling the SDR, the BeagleBrick being an example. I'm testing with a SR63ng and Mobo v4.3.4.
I did try the BeagleBrick Angstrom distribution, can't remember what the problem was.
Ubuntu is the way to go as the SDR software is much easier to build on Ubuntu, some things are missing from Angstrom that makes it difficult to work with.
I'll have a play again soon when the soldering iron goes cold for a while - plodding through the Ensemble RXTX build. I need to get another SD card to have another go with the BeagleBrick Angstrom distro.
73 ... Sid.