Please test: U-Boot omap3-dev-usb timeout patch

At U-Boot mailing list from today there is a musb timeout patch

Unfortunately, there is no description what it might be good for.

I picked it from mailing list and put it into attachment. It applies against omap3-dev-usb.

Anybody likes to test it?

If it doesn't break anything or improves things, we should apply it.

Best regards


u-boot-musb-timeout-patch.txt (2.61 KB)

I suspect it fixes issues on blackfin boards.



I tried with and without patch, both seem to work the same for me.

1. No hang in both the cases,
2. Powered the board over USB
3. Using Windows as HOST machine.

Couple of observations:
1. When ever I power off/on the board. I have to restart the Hyper
terminal (my terminal program)
2. When ever I do a reset from u-boot (type reset on u-boot prompt), I
have to disable and enable the "Gadget Serial (COM5)" port (through
device manager) and then restart the Hyperterminal.

Otherwise the u-boot seem to be working fine. Let me know if you want
to me to test any specific use case here.