Pls help me with my first Debian install on the BB...

Robert Nelson wrote:


Could you provide the output of 'uname -a' on the version of angstrom
you are running on other the SD card?

   Hi Robert,

    thanks for your answer. Somehow I managed to make a further pass (sort of).
Looking at the bootargs string in that HowTo document, its final part is :


while, browsing on Internet on some groups, I saw that almost always also
a vram keyword is used. So I changed that string in this way :


Well, now the video works, but only with the 720p60 resolution.
Any other values make the dreaded "Input not supported" message appear....
My knowledge of this stuff is almost nil... what the vram parameter is used for ?
Why sometimes it is doubled, as in


Is there any place where I can find a complete reference to that video=omapfb command,
with the full meaning of its parameters ?

Many thanks for your help

73 Alberto I2PHD

It's used to save memory for both framebuffers, the typical value use to be:

In my case it didn't make a difference, (so i had left it out) but if
it does a make a difference I'll put it back into the wiki.

PS 1280x1024@60 isn't valid in 2.6.27

The only documentation i can find is in the upstream kernel sources
for DSS1 & DSS2 in the omapfb