PNP support for Beagle Board

Hello all

Iam using Beagle Board 3530 with kernel can any one say me
how to enable PNP support in this kernel. As iam trying to bring up an
SDIO driver in this board.

Can anyone please let me known weather plug ans play support is there
is this board if its there let me known how to configure the kernel
for the same


In general, development is not on-going with the kernel. It is provided as a method for proving the hardware only. Most community development is going on against the head of the linux-omap kernel. I do hope someone answers your question, but if you are looking for an older, stable kernel, you may want to contact MontaVista or RidgeRun for commercial support. TimeSys also offers a commercial Linux for OMAP3530, but I'm not aware if they do so on the Beagle Board or only the OMAP35x EVM.