PocketBeagle and TSA :)


I am traveling soon to Illinois from Portland, OR and have a few questions.

Are there good HW stores like Fry’s near St. Louis, MO or Jacksonville, IL? :slight_smile:

What’s the best way to not freak out TSA if I travel with a Pocket Beagle or two and some prototyping things? :slight_smile:

I know lithium batteries need to be in carry-on. I just have a couple standard cell phone chargers and external batteries that I intend to bring.

Has anyone traveled with equipment like this? (Solderless breadboards, pocket beagle, some cables, wires…)


Fred Kerr

I do this all the time. Never had any trouble.

There is micro center in St. Louis MO. They are better than Fry’s when it comes to stocking DIY stuff. If I am not wrong, the Pocket beagle used to be stocked for 19.99 on some days.


Do this all the time, 1 in 5 times I get an extra search as they are worried about all the wires so some such.