PocketBeagle boot switch pin

Hi! How to force PocketBeagle to boot from MicroSD after unsuccessful eMMC flashing?
Thank you!

What "magical" eMMC module are you attempting to program on the
PocketBeagle? And how did you interface it?

aka, the PocketBeagle doesn't NOT have an eMMC...


Seems to be some misunderstanding. PocketBeagle doesn’t have eMMC. It can boot from USB, SPI, UART or microSD.

Nothing is broke, take out the microSD and insert into another system,
and re-comment that line..

Then stick it back in and it'll work fine..


It does not boot even with SD card, UART stays silent, when connected to usb and without MicroSD it apears as usb device (usb serial com port) and disapears after few seconds. How does new pocketbeagle boots? does it have some kind of internal flash or eeprom on soc? could you please point proper document on boards soc with boot details please?


середа, 11 жовтня 2017 р. 23:49:36 UTC+3 користувач RobertCNelson написав:

No on-board storage, you have the write an image to the microSD card..

Using etcher.io


Grab the latest snapshot:


and give it another go.. (don't edit the microSD before you try to boot with it)