PocketBeagle Java Installation

Is it possible to install Java 8 on the PocketBeagle (Stretch IoT) to run .jar files? All I find online is tutorials for running Java on the BeagleBone Black etc. - none of which seem to work for me on the PocketBeagle. Really just looking for a step-by-step tutorial on getting Java going on the PocketBeagle… Anyone with some experience on that?

Do you have a specific reason for Java 8? Oracle Open Sourced' their
arm port to the openjdk poroject



They also locked up Java 8 behind a login, that's why any of our old
"tutorials" don't work..

For example, we use to ship a "oracle-java8-installer", that package
broke as soon as Oracle forced the login window..

Just switch to buster and grab openjdk-11


Great, I don’t specifically require Oracle Java 8, openjdk will work fine for my application.
Thanks for the swift help.