Pocketbeagle Node Red, unresponsive after a while


A long time ago when the beaglebone was white I was a moderator of the google group. After al this time I found a projet to use the pocket beagle and loved it so far.

I am using Node Red to make the program, this program makes a communication patch over serial between 2 devises and some GPIO ports. This works the way I want so no programming questions today :P. But when I disconnect my PC from the pocketbeagle (externally powered) it keeps working or so it seems. When I com back to it the next it is not responding to the GPIO input to power an external unit back on. The pocketbeagle still runs (the leds are blinking at least) but Node Red seems not responsive. When I reconnect my PC and open the Node Red flow editor on port :1880 it start working again. I did not reboot the pocket beagle to get it working.

Can someone point me in the right direction. I have no idea ware to start looking. As far as I know Node Red is a deamon that always runs in the background. I am using the Johnny 5 packet to control the GPIO.

King Regard,

Raphaƫl Baars