PocketBeagle not booting issue

Hello all,

I’ve been experimenting with the working PocketBeagle and possibly modified the uEnv.txt file using the Cloud9 IDE terminal. Then I tried to reboot the board with the shutdown –r now command. The board didn’t reload successfully, and after rebooting manually only the power LED was on.

Thinking that I could have corrupted the image, I then erased the SD-card with the diskpart and flashed the SD-card with Etcher once again. The image used is Debian 9.3 2018-01-28 4GB SD IoT. Again only the power LED is on, no other signs of life. The board is also not present in the Device Manager anymore if the SD-card is on the board. If the board is connected to the PC without the SD-card, it’s still recognized in the Device Manager.

The SD card is fine, because it’s recognized as a Linux filesystem partition, and later I’ve also flashed the image to a new clean SD-card.

If this is of any help, the uEnv.txt after reflashing contains the following lines (apart from the commented ones):

cmdline=coherent_pool=1M net.ifnames=0 quiet

How can the board be revived? Thanks

you will need to insert the SD card in a live linux system.
then mount the SD card and edit the uEnv.txt file and remove whatever
changes you made
unmount the SD card and things should work when booting from SD card