PocketBeagle Pin Names in Bonescript

I just got a PocketBone and I tried some of the examples for BoneScript only to have it complain about the pin names in the examples (P8_13). So I tried changing the pin name to some pins like P1_34, P1_02 etc. These give a different error.

What are the correct pin names to use and how do I find them?


Jason is still working on bonescript, if you want to send him patches to help speed things up…

Bonescript, uses config-pin, which I just finished up yesterday, for now grab this image…


Tomorrow’s snapshot will have them all listed in config-pin…


Thanks. Glad to know I am not just crazy. I’ve dabble in embedded programming to support the hardware I design, but I am no expert especially on Linux. I’m used to RT OSes more.



I tried the image. It did not seem to work for me. Is there some setting I am missing here?


Please define "it"...


Oops Sorry. I am not sure if config-pin includes the pin names for PocketBeagle. I am trying to play with the GPIOs. For example: GPIO 58. I tried both bonescript and Python. It throws an exception.

Here is a code snippet:


GPIO.setup(“P2_4”, GPIO.OUT)

while True:
GPIO.output(“P2_4”, GPIO.HIGH)
GPIO.output(“P2_4”, GPIO.LOW)


My apologies if I am missing something obvious. While I have played with other board, I have new to Beaglebone.


Use P2_04....

config-pin -q P2_04
config-pin -l P2_04

BUT... only "config-pin" knows what to do.

Both Jason (Bonescript) and Drew (Adafruit-io) are working on their patchset's..

So with config-pin today do:

config-pin P2_04 gpio_pu ; sleep 0.5 ; config-pin P2_04 gpio_pd ; sleep 0.5


It appears that you are using the Adafruit_BBIO Python library. I am
the maintainer, and PocketBeagle support has not been added yet.

Please open an issue requesting this feature if it is something that
interests you:

I'd also be very happy to review any pull requests.


Will do. Thanks.