Pololu QTR-8rc on beaglebone

Anyone have any luck connecting pololu QTR-8rc on beaglebone black. Im trying to build a line follower with a beaglebone black using BlackLib

The Arduino code that reads the IR signal puts the GPIOs in write mode to charge capacitors and then switches to read mode and times how long it takes for the signal to go high. But with black lib I have to create two objects for the same GPIO to go into OUTPUT mode and then INPUT mode. Anyway my GPIO never goes high. Anyone have any luck with these IR line detectors?

Not sure what language you are using.

But can’t you just create the gpio object, do the charging, wait a bit, then delete the object, then create a new gpio object as output?


I didn’t use these sensors yet, but isn’t it better to control the charging voltage by an analog input?

Anyway, you can use libpruio to change the GPIO mode between INPUT or OUTPUT at run-time. (Your software has to run under root privilegues.)

You could also connect a second pin with CAP functionality to measure the time by hardware (without polling the GPIO state).