Portable Battery Supply

What’s a good portable battery supply for the BBB voltage / current needs? I didn’t see any history on this in the forums. Does the community have any experience on these? I’m planning on running multiple usb devices from it.

A couple that I saw that seem to fit the bill:

I hate to ask. But how long do you need it to last?
What is the current of these multiple USB devices?
What is your processor speed you are planning to use?

Figure these out, Then go battery shopping.


I have experience running a solar / off grid home system . . . and have to say pretty much what Gerald already said. Figure out how much storage you need, and then triple it :wink:

I have one of these
I’ve run my bb for about four hours one day and still had about half a charge left.

I am using a 12V-12Ah battery with DC-DC, and the original BB lasted 4 days and 4 hours with governor “on demand” making 1min recording every 10min. I think the BB Blk should last a little more.

Thanks for the responses everyone. These are good options. Much appreciated.