PORTAUDIO questions


I have installed Portaudio on the BB with Angstrom and my host system
with Ubuntu 9.10........My application needs to process an audio input
via line-in port of the BB and store it in memory after
processing......I am planning to use PortAudio to record the streaming
audio input from line-in port of BB, and use this code in the GPP side
of the DSPLink module.....After capturing the audio, the GPP sends the
data to DSP for processing.......

The test files in portaudio after configuring are working as expected
on the BB, whereas when I run any patest command, I get errors like
"Segmentation fault" or "Device not available"..........

When I run the command ./pa_devs, I get the following message:

PortAudio Version number = 1899
PortAudio version text = 'PortAudio V19-devel'
Number of devices = 0

I am not able to find out a way to rectify this problem of PortAudio
not finding any devices and consequently the test files not running as
expected........Someone pls help me.......