Porting a gesture recognition software to Beagle Board

Hi all,
I am Ashish a student of ComputerScience in the National Institute of
Technology Calicut.I intend to port my gesture recognition software to
beagle board which will involve interfacing with webcamera and use the
V4L2 api's.I would be happy to recieve advice from the experts and
people who have done this before.

Thanks and Kindest Regards
Ashish A

Have you picked a camera? I think you'd want to look for a camera
that is readily available and already has Linux drivers on the PC.

Hello Ashish, while this is not beagle related and I am not an expert
I was impressed with
lasertraq http://code.google.com/p/lasertraq/wiki/ActionShots I guess
it provides the basis
for what you want (I can track one or more dots in the air)
I was able to run it on the Nokia Internet tablet in a very short time
because it uses the gstreamer framework
and therefore is not directly dependent on the v4l2 interface (this
will help speedup the development and improved the testability)