Porting Android Jellybean to the beagleboard xm


I am trying to port Android (Jellybean) onto the beagleboard. I am a student and intend to modify the source I downloaded from AOSP https://android.googlesource.com/platform/manifest -b android-4.0.1_r1 and then build. I am a newbie with considerable experience in linux though and some experience in Android Platform development (can make emulator images, makesfiles see and read sufficiently well, make directories for newer products and such). I don’t intend to use any prebuilt image or get the source from projects like rowboat and such. I know its possible because its been done before. The following are my doubts,

  1. Which kernel should i use ? How do i decide ? How do i include the kernel in the new directories i created for the custom hardware ? Any kernel modifications I should be looking at ?(am I on the right track ?)
  2. If i decide to extend the hardware by installing a Wifi or any such hardware, how do i then include that in the hardware.
    This is what I can see ahead till now, and I am sure I could have more issues ahead. Any pointers ?
    Also, I could be wrong on a couple of things. Happy to absorb anything thrown at me.

Thank you