porting kernel 3.13.6 to beaglebone black

Dear all,
I am very beginner to embedded linux.
I have Beagle bone black board. Let me know how can we port the linux kernel 3.13.6 to BBB.
Please help me to start…



Though I’m not sure on the current linux distro you are using on BBB, my choice is Arch Linux and it already has
3.13.6 kernel.

I managed to install & run on my BeagleBone Black(yes, arch linux), however, this version of kernel does not have
cape manager (/sys/devices/capemgr.*) and I cannot figure out how to change/apply device tree file.

In short, 3.13.6 is already ported to BBB, and there is no capemgr (unlike 3.8.13).