Porting something to BeagleBoard that uses a configure script to build the Makefile

Hi all,

Is there a simple way to build in OE an application that uses a
configure script to generate the Makefile? Specifically, I'd like to
port libdc1394 to the beagleboard and am not exactly sure where to
start. I'm finally beginning to understand how to use OE, but I'm not
sure what to do with something that needs a configure script to
generate the Makefile. Should I just go ahead and generate a Makefile
on my host and try to edit that to what I think should work on the
Beagle? Or is there a more elegant way of sticking the configure
script into an OE recipe?



If it's a well behaved autotools script, doing 'inherit autotools_stage' should be enough.



Ah Chapter 9 of the OE manual. I regret that I stopped after Chapter 7
now. Now I have a place to start, but I have a feeling it will get
dirty since the configure checks for whether certain libs are
installed and makes the Makefile off whether or not those are present.
Fun stuff.

Thanks Koen! :slight_smile:

- Dan