Possibility of SPI slave mode...

I'm attempting to develop a relatively simple daemon on my beagleboard
that would monitor, log, and transmit the data coming into it on the
McSPI3 pins. The master in this situation is a very high speed piece
downclocked to 48MHz so it can speak to the beagleboard. I realize
that as stated, the Linux SPI driver model does not support SPI slave
mode, but obviously the hardware can. I have successfully gotten the
spi-test.patch from the McSPI3 thread to work on my beagle, but now
I'm looking to reduce the driver to slave mode.

Looking in the linux-omap-2.6 src, I'm in drivers/spi/omap2_mcspi.c
and notice that the omap comes up in slave mode and is transitioned
into master mode. My working idea is that the hardware can handle the
external clocking from the master, since this is a very specific
situation. I never need to write any data back to the master. The
master is only streaming data to the beagle. My question is, "Will
this work?". Again, I'm guaranteed to never have to talk back to the
master, I just need the omap hardware to take spim_clk and spim_simo
and DMA the data to a buffer I'll setup and read at my leisure.

Any help in this area is greatly appreciated.