possible pre-built ARM toolchains for BBB work?

curious about the possibilities for out-of-the box binary toolchains
suitable for building for BBB ... the first choice is, unsurprisingly,
the one recommended by RCN here:


whose only minimal drawback is that it's a 32-bit toolchain so one
needs to have the 32-bit libs installed for that, but that's not a big

  now, as i recall, RCN mentioned not that long ago that linaro was
discontinuing their binary builds, but i tripped over this directory:


which *seems* to have a 64-bit, BBB-compatible toolchain:


althought the size of that tarball is considerably larger than the
original one listed by RCN, and it appears to properly compile a
"hello, world" file into an ARM executable, so does anyone know if
this is an acceptable toolchain if i don't want to mess with 32-bit
libs? (i'll do a bit more reading to see why the massive difference in
tarball sizes.)

  finally, there are the pre-built yocto project toolchains:


which one assumes should work just fine.

  any other recommendations for ready-to-go toolchains for the BBB? i
just like to have choices. thanks.


Correct, those are the latest and require a 64bit userspace by
default.. I'm still debating when to switch over to the 64bit version
by default for eewiki, but it'll probally be around a gcc-linaro "5.0"