possible to overclock beaglebone / AM335x beyond 720MHz?

Hi guys,

I have made some my own hardware based on AM3352 720MHz and DDR3 303MHz.

During u-boot development, I have noticed that there were some of the C files (can’t remember which ones) have options to set CPU clock to 800MHz or something.

Is it possible to do so? or has anyone done it already? I just would like to squeeze more out of it. And I do know the general risks associated with hardware overclocking.


You may want to check this out. This would be the next revision of the silicon, but for your design, that would not be an issue.



Thanks for quick reply, is it possible to overclock to 1GHz?

See the link I provided. That is the latest datasheet. You can try the 1GHZ but no guarantees. If it does, then you would be most fortunate. I would not expect it to work at that in all conditions for sure.