Power Analysis

Hello All,I would like to know if any one did power level calculation for BBB, seems like it does not have enough current monitoring hookups as like EVM, does any body have an software solutions regarding the same…!!!

I have a few questions regarding the power management in AM3358:

  1. How to make user level Applications be power aware, may be my question over ambitious, do i need to implement CONFIG_PM
    related prepare, resume, suspend for all the drivers???

  2. What about the dynamic pin control https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/pinctrl.txt …!!! will it be helpful if we keep some power hunger devices in high impedance at run-time. I kinda seems confused and lost in this subject

3)Do i need to take any special care in the schematics, for power saving, as i have still have a very little window left for hardware level changes on my board.


This is $55 board. If you need all those power taps that adds cost, buy an EVM from TI.

As to power savings in your application, which at this point is a mystery, run the processor slower, and lower the core voltage to save power.