Power/Current Draw

What is the overall power dissipation and overall current draw for the
BeagleBoard-xM board? I am working on a project for a mobile device
and am having difficulty with determining a battery capable of
producing the necessary voltage with a large enough mAh. Any
suggestions? We will be using two of the four USB ports in this

Well, if you are using 4 USB ports in the design, that is 10W right there before you even consider the rest of the stuff. Compared to that, the other stuff is in the noise. Base circuitry would be somewhere around 2W, depending of course if you are using the DVI-D and and how fast you are running the processor and for how long. DVI-D take 100mA by itself.

Are you doing volatage and frequcncy scaling or do you plan to run at 1GHz all the time? Just to put it in perspective, you can slow things down to roughly 40mA. Of course, it won’t eb doing much but ti is possible.

There are a lot of variables here, but USB will be far and away your largest current drain, depending on what you plan to connect to the USB ports, something that you have not specified. If you are conencting keyboards or mice, then the current drain can be lower.

I suggest you take a look at the system, and define exactly what the use case is. Once you do that , you can get closer to determine the average current draw to be used to calculate your battery life at X mAH…