Power down ethernet, HDMI and USB peripherals

I would like to turn off power on a Beaglebone Black to the ethernet, HDMI and USB devices. This device will record data from several serial ports and periodically wake up and do some processing and then send the results via ethernet. I am using the Angstrom software distribution.

Did you look at he schematic? USB, that can be done. Ethernet, you can turn off the the connection, but the PHY will still be powered. HDMI, can be put in allow power mode, but not in a power off mode.


How can we set the hdmi (TDA19988) to lower power mode?

The I2C Address of the TDA19988 should be 0x34 on i2cbus 0

Turn off the Video signals to the NXP framer. Unplug the HDMI cable.


There is no HDMI Cable connected. How can we turn off the video signals to the NXP framer?
Is it enough to deactivate the hdmi cape like:
optargs=quiet capemgr.disable_partno=BB-BONELT-HDMI,BB-BONELT-HDMIN

Yes, that should be enough. But I suspect that it is already in a low power mode. But not driving the signals will save additional power.