Power LED only and no response to debug connection

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem with one of my three Beaglebone Blacks

after all running successfully for a month one has failed with the following symptoms after plugging a formatted uSD card in;

  • Removed uSD card!, plugging the same card into another BBB didn’t cause it to fail.
  • Power LED is on but no User LED’s
  • No response to Serial connection with debug cable (debug cable checked on another BBB)
  • Will not boot from uSD or eMMC
  • holding down the power button causes the unit to turn off for a second then restart.
  • VDD_3V3B is present
  • SYS_5V is present
  • VDD_5V is present
  • If power is plugged in the LED immediately turns on
  • Will not flash firmware using an image that works on the other BBB

Setup is as follows on all three units;
Debian 7.4 2014-04-23 release running on the eMMC
No capes connected during tests
Powered by 5V power supplies connected to the barrel-jack (max of 510mA being drawn, but supply capable of providing up to 3A) less that 1mV ripple on load

Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything!

I realize that it is probably borked, but i doubt an RMA will be possible as I have soldered a header for battery power to TP5-8 to both.

Best Wishes to all,


Just an update for anyone interested.

Since the unit has a connector soldered to the battery header i can’t send it for RMA

I’m not too worried as its only $50 lost and there are very few reports of it happening so i doubt it will happen to the other units.

Not exactly sure where you got your information on the inability to submit the board for RMA due to the header.