Power modification for rev A5 boards


Koen is looking to modify his Beagle board to use non-USB power. He’s probed the pads and provided a picture:


Can he simply connect power as he has shown (as I have done) or will this cause problems? Looking at the circuit, it looks like R5 would need to be put back in place as well. Is that correct?



If done correctly, there should be no issues.

You need to connect ALL three conductors of the power jack to the board. The “?” is the lead that controls the switch that passes the USB power to the regulator. You need to make sure the USB power is disabled by connecting this wire. When not installed, the board will still be able to be powered over USB.

What is the part number of the power jack being used?


I believe he may be making a direct power connection, rather than using a connector. This would mean that power over USB would not be possible.


That is fine. Just connect it as shown on the picture. Do not connect anything to the “?” terminal. USB power will be permanently disabled and the board can only be powered from the 5V.


My plan, and I believe Koen's is to cut the plug of a 5 volt Walwart
and solder the wires directly to the board.


After reading the hwrm I think I'll solder a socket and use a negative
center +5V to power it. That should connect the shunt properly and
allow me to have USB power when I need it.



Whatever makes the most sense for what you need to do.