Power monitoring on beagleboard X15 and availability issues


I would like to purchase Beagleboard X15 so that I can monitor individual power rails (CPU, GPU and RAM) and check the power consumption of my algorithm using external measuring equipment. I am confused if the current version of X15 (Rev B1) has the current monitoring headers or any other easy way to monitor current for individual power rails. Or the feature has been removed in Rev B1. I can see that Rev A2 had it.

If I need the current monitoring ability what would be my options? Should I buy Rev A2? If yes, from where?

I investigated and found out that TI’s “AM572x Evaluation Module” [1] might be one option. Budget is not a limitation for me. I just need the ease of use, community and software support.

What are your recommendations? Please let me know.

[1] http://www.ti.com/tool/tmdsevm572x

Thank you very much for your time.


It does not have the power monitoring noise inducing taps.

I suggest that you order a TI EVM for that. I believe it still has those in it.


that's why the A2 failed FCC...

So if you can find a used A2...