Power supply for Beagleboard-XM Rev B

Hey all,

I have a beagleboard-xm rev b with me. I am currently using a
5V DC power adapter rated at 2A. I need to use a USB device on
the beagleboard. But the USB hub does not seem to be working.
The LED d14 lights up, but none of the USB devices attached to
the hub get powered up (I know this since the LED on the USB
device does not light up). Also, I tried booting all possible
Angstrom images, but none of them could enumerate the USB devices.

So, I checked the output of the adapter using a multimeter, the
output current was only 500mA (in spite of 2A rating!).
So I am guessing this is the reason why the USB devices are not
getting powered up.
Could there be any other reason why the devices are not getting powered up?

Also, if current is the reason, can anyone please suggest me a
power adapter that they know works with beagleboard-xm rev b,
and provides power to USB devices?

Thank you.

P.S. I will be using only one USB device.

How are you doing this current measurement?

Current is a result of load. If you only have 0.5 A of load, that's
all the current you'll measure. An xM should draw about that if it's
doing stuff (I think).

Put a 2 A load on your supply (aka, find a big arse resistor), then
take a look at the voltage and current. Resistor _WILL_ get hot.
Your big arse resistor should be a 20 W or so power rating, since
you'll push about 10 W through it to do this test.