Powering Beagle Board and a 2.5" HD through a USB-hub

I was wondering how to make a media player with the Beagle Board and a
USB HD at the same time and I thought of stripping a powered usb hub
and putting it in there. I was thinking it would have the power in
through a wall outlet, would be able to power the Beagle Board through
a USB to barrel jack adapter, the HD, and if the hub had ports on two
sides and I had one side against the outside of the case it would have
extra standard usb ports for external devices.

However; when I was hunting for a powered USB hub I noticed that the
most power input to them is 5V. If the Beagle Board takes 5V, the HD
takes 5V, and the external devices need power from the hub also then
it won't have enough power.

My question is how much power can be drawn from a USB hub? This isn't
mentioned in the specs, and would I need a hub with more than 5V wall

Take an Electotechnic 101 course :slight_smile:

My wall wart is 230 V. My computer also is 230 V. How come there is
still power left for my monitor (and my beagleboard of course :slight_smile: )

Hint: you might want to look at current not volt.


(and apologies if my tone is inapproriate, it is monday morning and
I'm still on my first coffee)