Powering BeagleBone with 3.7 V LiPo battery

Some updates on this issue:

  • I discovered that if the BeagleBone is powered up using the USB or the DC cable and then i disconnect whatever the initial source is and leave just the 3.7 V battery the devices remains powered.
  • From this i conclude that the connections where properly done but that the 3.7 V battery doesn’t have enough voltage to initially power up the device. Is this correct?

The board needs 5V if you want to use USB. The board is designed for a 5V system. I have not checked to see what would happen if you only have 3.7V as powering the system from the start. it was not intended to work in that manner. You might try in this scenario grounding the power button pin on the expansion header and see if the PMIC will power up. The PMIC is designed to turn on when either USB DC or power button is applied. You notice I didn’t say anything about connecting a battery.

It might be good for you to read the datasheet of the TPS65217B.


Thanks Gerald,

That’s exactly what i was missing from the datasheet. The BeagleBone powers up once the PWR_BUT signal on the expansion header is grounded. Really grateful!



I have a different issue with battery.

I am able to power up / down,and charging / discharging.

but while charging the Li Battery by TPS65217B, when I remove the 5v DC, beaglebone shuts off itself instantly.

but if im making the battery not charging(via i2c or remove temp sensor resistor), and remove the 5v DC, beaglebone still on.

I will have to manually power off DC and switch to battery as source then disconnect the 5v DC.

Anyway to make it work like a mobile device? Can remove the DC charging anytime as you want?

What does the TPS65217B data sheet say?