Powering Up/Down Beagleboard revC

I have a RevC2 Beagleboard that I’ve connected to my Ubuntu laptop through the USB OTG port (my understanding is that this is for power) and through the serial port (RS232) into a different USB port on my laptop. I am running minicom and viewing the output from the RS232 port. LEDs came on and it booted up from the SD Card with Angstrom installed on it. Then, to power it down, I used unit 0 in the minicom window. This looks like it worked.

Is there a way to power it back up from this state without reconnecting the cables?

Also, before using init 0, I tried shutdown in the minicom window and it would just show me the command usage statement no matter which flags I tried. I also tried it with sudo and it complained that sudo could not be found (I probably need to install it into the Angstrom distribution I have). But shutdown exists and didn’t seem to work, any ideas why?

Hi Mike,

One thing I overlooked at first when using shutdown is that it requires a time argument (i.e. when it should shutdown). So you would use e.g. “shutdown -P now” with the “now” telling it when to shut down and the “-P” telling it to switch off power after shutdown. Instead of now you can also use relative times, such as “+1” (in one minute). This gives you time to e.g. nicely disconnect an ssh -X session before the actual shutdown occurs. HTH :wink:

Hi Peter

Thanks for the info. Looks like the init 0 did shut it down (there is now but one green led glowing, D5 - the pwr led). Is there a way to now simply pwr it back up or do I have to disconnect the usb and serial cables and then reattach them to power back up? The only two cables I have connected are the USB OTG (for pwr I understand) and the RS232 cable (where I input the init 0 command).


Hi Mike,

Sorry, I only have a BBB and that has a power button which powers it back up. I suppose there isn’t a similar feature on the Beagleboard?


I have a revC which has a reset button and a user defined button. I imagine I could program the user defined button to power down/up, but I wondering if there was a way to do that was built it already.