problem: 2015 beaglebone images & xenomai boot

Hi guys

I am following these guide to install xenomai on my beaglebone SD card system:installing xenomai on beaglebone

this guide uses an old image:

I want to use a new image , for example

There is a problem: the guide installing xenomai on beaglebone uses an image in which we have:

  1. boot partition with zImage ( for example on my pc /dev/sdb1)
  2. rootfs partition ( for example on my pc /dev/sdb2 )

The 2015 images I have found have only :

  1. rootfs partition , with boot folder / for example on my pc /dev/sdb1 with boot flag )

So I am not able, following xenomai guides, to let the xenomai kernel boot. (.I am able to install it but not able to boot it …) Because in this guide (and others) they say to change the original zImage files (or uImage) with the equivalent xenomai zImage.

I tryed to copy the zImage / uImage in the boot folder but it doesn’t work … in the uEnv.txt files I found no solutions.

I have try to build a beaglebone image following the , but I obtain only image with a single partition.

So … I have three questions

  1. How could I build a 2015 image with two partition , so I can follow the xenomai install guide ?


  1. How could I configure the boot to choose xenomai ( so without following the xenomai guide I have found ) ?

  2. In the 2015 images /rootfs/boot/uboot is empty … Have I to copy in this folder the xenomai uImage ?

Thanks a lot