Problem after changing prompt in BeagleBoardAndOpenEmbeddedGit

I have similar question in another email but cause I didn’t ask a right way so maybe it’s confuse.
I follow the document to the Running step.
After running the script in the, I have a custom prompt like this:
OE:beagleboard [\033[01;32m]OE:$MY_OE_CONF[\033[00m] ${PS1}
I don’t sure if there is something wrong or not, but I check the file already. I even run each command manually, and I still have the same result.
After this I cannot call the command such as GIT or BITBAKE even I can run it before I switch to this prompt. Both of the commands return error: command not found.
Could you please tell me what wrong is it?

Best regards,
Thang Nguyen