Problem booting BBAI-64 with SPI device connected

Hi guys,

I’m trying to read an SPI IMU(ICM20948 or MPU9250) with BBAI-64 but when I connect the IMU to the IO Pins(P9_17 - CS, P9_18 - MOSI, P9_21 - MISO, P9_22 - SCLK) the BBAI-64 is not booting and I didn’t have any signal in the uart0 port to debug.
Anyone is having this same kind of problem ?
Any clue what is hapenning ?

Btw, with or without loading the overlay at boot the problem happens.

Hey, I know it has been a while but here’s what could happen :

P9_22 is a boot pin and is has a pull-up resistor of 10k. If you have it pulled low at boot, you might have problems.

Hi @StackingOverflows
Thanks for your help.
I will check because the P9_22 and P9_21.