Problem booting from SD card

I downloaded the source code for rowboat. Compiled the source code to
get uimage. I downloaded the uboot from
and downloaded xloader from
I compiled it to get the MLO and u-boot.bin file.
I partitioned the sd card into 2 primary partitions and put
filesystems FAT32 and ext3 on it respectively.
Then I copied uimage,MLO and u-boot.bin in FAT32 and unpacked the
Android tarball onto ext3.
Still beagleboard is not able to boot from the SD card. Am I missing
something. Please help.

Did you mark the FAT partition as bootable? Also, I recommend that you NOT use FAT32. Try FAT instead.


Yes i marked it as bootable. How to make a partition as just FAT. I
tried with gparted and fdisk it only gives an option of FAT32 and

It would appear I’m not the only one having trouble with this.

My thanks to R.C. Nelson and G. Thomas for helping out with
scripts to try.

R. Nelson’s script seems to create a good bootable FAT
partition, but doesn’t create a complete, bootable image
(ie., it only creates one partition.)

G. Thomas’s script ran to completion on a 4G card, but
didn’t succeed in booting the kernel. The script failed on
a 2 GB card.

This is really basic stuff, it seems to me. I haven’t a clue
why it’s so hard to get over this step.

/Rafe B.

Use FAT16.