problem creating new sd card

Just wrote a new image to my bone sd card. No errors were given in writing the card, but it fails to show up on the network and my router fails to show it in the dhcp client table. the power led is solid and one other LED blinks but other than that, no activity and I’m unable to ssh to the bone.

I used the process found at:

how can I check that the image written is not somehow corrupted?

How can I figure out why it now doesn’t work?



If you have an A4 rev board, you’ll need to remove R219 to get it to work with 100Mb network ports!topic/beagleboard/qEEzrvZ48ck (video showing how here -

That one tripped me up too.


It’s a rev a3 board. It doesn’t seem ethernet is the issue as it worked repeatably prior to my screwing up the card image in an attempt to update… I’m thinking something got screw up with the image write. the ti dev kit card I have works fine.