Problem Getting Kernel and Shell Prompt to load, using the Validation Software:

Hi List

I’m trying to validate my beagleboard revision C3 out of the box, using the instructions and software at

But I don’t seem to get a shell prompt, or an indication that the kernel is being booted up after u-boot-bin runs, instead, the system loads u-boot.bin, and then reboots without loading the kernel or requesting for keyboard input or offering a shell prompt. Here is a sample of what I’m seeing on my serial console:

The CRC error is normal when it cannot find the .scr file on the SD card. The environment variables are not programmed into NAND from the factory. We use the .scr file to control the boot process. Your issue might be that you did not format the card correctly and it is unable to find the files on the SD card. Make sure you use the formatting tool as described on the validation page. Otherwise the ROM inside the OMAP will not find the SD card bootable and therfore will not boot correctly…