Problem loading Angstrom Demo onto Beagleboard

Having problems loading Angstrom Demo onto Beagleboard. Here are the
steps I've taken so far...

-formatted SD card as described in

- downloaded all Angstrom Demo files

-untared Angstrom Demo files onto ext3 Partition as described in

- unmounted the card, put it into the Beagleboard powered by 500 mA
supply using a Pico Projector as the display via the hdmi port

The screen just flickers and does not give a prompt as the Angstrom
Demo site says it should.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Try this:
After you extract the tar to ext3 partition.
Use terminal and WGET (if on linux) to get the MLO on your FAT

cd /media/boot


Rename uImage-2.6.29 to uImage.


You should also try using a power supply that is rated about 2.5 A. I think 500 mA might be too low.


i have a similar problem…
Mine is a clone to beagleboard , EMA-DEV 3530.
i built MLO, Uimage, U-boot.bin for that Board…
But built Angstrom-x11 roootfs For omap3evm.
Even i dont see anything on the touch screen, just a backlight.
What should i do?


Follow this link carefully and you will get the correct output :

Then I have used other links to get c6 run on my beagle board

Why not follow the steps at ?