Problem NFS Booting BeagleBone - Kernel Hangs

it should look like this:

By the way check also this my old post:!topic/beagleboard/xyrvq8GN4IU

maybe it can be useful.

Best luck!


That worked!

I do find it a little strange that it works - as it still appears in the boolog that the system is trying to assign a different IP address. is not what I set the IP of my eth0 device to in the /etc/network/interfaces file.

2012-11-20T13:38:46.023 - IP-Config: eth0 complete (from
2012-11-20T13:38:46.039 - address: broadcast: netmask:
2012-11-20T13:38:46.039 - gateway: dns0 : dns1 :
2012-11-20T13:38:46.055 - domain :
2012-11-20T13:38:46.055 - rootserver: rootpath:
2012-11-20T13:38:46.055 - filename :

Oh well. I am finally NFS booting. Thanks again.