problem reading digital IO pin

I can write to it fine using these commands:

     echo 7 >/sys/kernel/debug/omap_mux/gpmc_ad0
     echo 32 >/sys/class/gpio/export
     echo high >/sys/class/gpio/gpio32/direction

Using low in stead of high switches from 3.3V to 0V and back
as expected.

However, subsequent commands like this:

    echo in >/sys/class/gpio/gpio32/direction
    cat /sys/class/gpio/gpio32/direction/value

Always print 0, regardless of whether its hooked to 3.3V or not.

Interestingly, the output of

    cat /sys/kernel/debug/omap_mux/board/core

changes after 'echo high ...' to indicate that the pin is configured
as an output, but never changes back. But even if I check
/sys/class/gpio/gpio32/value before ever writing to direction,
it doesn't reflect the actual voltage on the pin.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated,