problem replicape delta printer, z-probing


I’ve started using the beaglebone recently and bought the replicape rev B3 to hook it to a delta printer.

I am wondering if anyone is also having problems with getting the z-probe to work? I use a inductive 5v end-stop. On the hardware side everything is working, it shows in the terminal when i trigger the z-probe. But doesn’t react when it is probing.

I connected the probe to z2, and modified the config file:

“end_stop_Z2_stops = x_ccw, y_ccw, z_ccw”.

Any help would be appreciated

I am also going through my Replicape Delta setup. Slow but getting results. One thing to note is that your bed probe will always be the opposite of the top end-stops. So if your top end-stops are connected and configured for CCW (counter-clock-wise) then your bed probe will be CW (clock-wise). It is the way the motors turn.

For example, my end-stops config below (pin probe with microswitch)

end_stop_X1_stops = x_ccw
end_stop_Y1_stops = y_ccw
end_stop_Z1_stops = z_ccw
end_stop_Z2_stops = x_cw, y_cw, z_cw

You should try and join the Thing-printer google group which is where quite a few replicape users visit. No need but very helpful group of people.

Where is this mythical “Thing-printer” google group? I haven’t found it!

It is a plus community/group.