problem to install gnuplot on Debian OS using BBB

hye All,

i am a newbie BBB. i had a problem where my BBB is idle power off. when i want to install the gnuplot the BBB will automatically turn off. i had done so many time. what should i do? do u guys have the same problem?

pleaseee help me

Use a DC power supply of 1A.


What version of Linux are you using: uname -a

How are you installing gnuplot ?

I use debian OS.

I install gnuplot in debian OS

  • sudo apt-get update && upgrade
  • sudo apt-get install gnuplot
  • sudo apt-get install gnuplot-x11

run idle, but when you're starting to use the network and write to the eMMC
storage you run out of power and the system shuts down. That's why Gerald
recommended a dedicated power supply.

is there any problem if i connnected both?? should be ok if i connect BBB’s by using the power suppy 5v and connect usb to my laptop?

how to connect bbb to wifi by using the usb adapter?
how to configure the wifi?