problem when booting into the kernel

Hi everyone,

I am current learning embedded Linux using Beagleboard in a class. In
one of the exercises, I edited the u-boot source file and changed the
prompt when the u-boot started. The procedure I did is:
1. edited the opam3_beagle.h file to change the prompt of the u-boot;
2. "make" to compile the new u-boot; 3. scp the newest u-boot to the
beagleboard, the directory of which is /media/mmcblk0p1/ 4; restart

I successfully changed the prompt, but it seemed that after u-boot, it
can't boot the kernel, it just scaned the USB device again and agian!!
I have no idea what's going on.. Can anyone help me and take a look at
this? I printed all the message from the serial port showed belows:

you kernel is booting !

disconnect your mouse and see what happens :wink:


Ayoub Zaki