Problem when using /dev/fb0 on BBB.

Hello, I am writing this mail to get some help for my problem I faced.

I wrote a simple app which fills my HDMI monitor with red color.

This app just opens /dev/fb0, which is the framebuffer driver file for HDMI display driver, gets screen information via ioctl, fills the color with mmaped buffer.

This application works well on debian-BBB Linux, which covers default desktop image with the red color.

However, when I removed lightdm via apt-get remove command to disable the default GUI, this frame doesn¡¯t work.

To be specific, when I removed lightdm, it seems that the tilcdc driver couldn¡¯t find my monitor. My monitor shows the message (¡°There is no device connected to the HDMI port¡±).

Should I do something special to enable display when I remove the lightdm?

It would be very appreciate if someone can give me some advices.

Best regards.

Heecheol, Yang.

Windows 10¿ë ¸ÞÀÏ¿¡¼­ º¸³¿