problem with beagle board

hi,i am working with beagle board and when i connected beagle board to
the power supply the processor is heating up enormously.i have tested
the expansion-j3 pins (1 Vdd & 27 Gnd) of beagle board with
multimeter it is showing as short circuited.can any one tell me what
the problem is and how can i rectify it.

Well, it sounds like something has shorted out. Your only recourse is to request an RMA and see if it can be repaired. With what you describe, my gut tells me may not be a able be fixed. The processor and memory are the two most expensive parts on the board and they do not always repair that well under rework. But, sometimes it can be fixed. You iwll need to be prepared to answer some questions by the RMA team so they can try to determine what to look for and what could be the cause for the failure.


Dear Akhil,
I am also facing the same problem. Can you please tell me how did you solved this problem ? As this is a common problem in many boards,Is there any solution to this ? If the short is inside the processor or PMIC, have you identified the pin ?

Waiting for your Reply