problem with connecting Beaglebone to the computer

I have a problem with my Beaglebone-Black.
The computer can’t recognize it when I plug it in and connect the USB .
I have searched a lot about it but I couldn’t find any information.
I would appreciate you if you help me in this regard.

So, is there a chance that you could let everyone know what Operating System your PC is running? That would be very helpful in formulating a response.


My pc is running win7-32bit & Ubuntu but both of them can't recognize. :frowning:

I am also have an issue with USB connectivity. Got a Rev C board today. Plugged it into Ubuntu 12.04, plugged in the BBBrC, nothing appeared in the log (using dmesg). Just for kicks pulled USB moused and plugged it back in and verified the log entry for the mouse.

It should go without saying that ifconfig -a didn’t show another interface other than eth0 for my network card and lo.

It seems that there is some issue with Rev C and USB connectivity. Another piece of information, the board was manufactured by Element 14.


I missed your previous post. What is the problem.

For starters are you using an IBM PC or clone ?
What version of Windows or Flavor of Linux is it running?
Do any lights flash on the BBB or do they just come on and stay on ??

For whatever reason MAC support is limited and I can't really help yup there.

My laptop is Asus and running win7 32bit-ultimate & Ubuntu I think version 13..... I tried on another one with win7-64bit
But it couldn't recognize.
Yes they flash quickly with no stop
And I connected it to hdmi lcd and Angstrom worked clearly


Someone more knowledgeable than me needs to reply to this.
But the monitor (in this case the TV) has to identify itself to the video driver.
If it can't or does so incorrectly, you won't see anything on the monitor.
If the LCD monitor is recognized, then of course it will work.

I think there is a list of compatible monitors on one of the beaglebone sites
But I couldn't tell you which one, off hand. Also there may be something in 'dmesg'
That identifies the monitor type, or what the BBB thinks the monitor is.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for your attention
But I have another serious problem as I said pc cant recognize it as a usb flash or something.if I want to connect to the network via usb my pc should recognize it as a usb device first.

Did you install the driver on your windows box? It can be found on this page:
along wit a lot more helpful information.


I'd first try re-flashing.

I don't know if the element14/embest guys do a 24hour burn in like CircuitCo...