Problem with EasyCap DC-60+ capture card and Beagleboard

I'm trying to use EasyCap DC-60+, which is an EM28xx based video
capture device with Beagleboard. When I try cat /dev/video0, I get
error message "unable to allocate 115680 bytes for transfer buffer 4"
"cat: /dev/video0: Cannot allocate memory". I'm using 2.6.33-rc8
kernel. I tried to use module compiled with kernel sources and from
lates video4linux sources, with same results.

Has someone any suggestions I could try?

I debugged this further. The problem lies in usb_buffer_alloc function
in the driver. Driver tries to allocate 5 buffers of size 115680
bytes. First four buffers are allocated, but allocating the fifth will
fail. Probably because 5th allocation exceeds 0.5 MB. Are there some
limitations on DMA-able memory size?

-- Janne