problem with installing android source

Hi, all:
I have installed Ubuntu Linux (i386) and Installed Repo successfully.
After Initializing a Repo client, type repo sync, it will show:
frank@frank-laptop:~/mydroid$ repo sync
fatal: Unable to look up (port 9418) (Name or service not known)
error: Cannot fetch platform/build
When try to initializing repo client, it will show:
frank@frank-laptop:~/mydroid$ repo init -u git://
git checkout: branch default already exists
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/frank/mydroid/.repo/repo/”, line 202, in
File “/home/frank/mydroid/.repo/repo/”, line 186, in _Main
File “/home/frank/mydroid/.repo/repo/”, line 96, in _Run
cmd.Execute(copts, cargs)
File “/home/frank/mydroid/.repo/repo/subcmds/”, line 192, in Execute
File “/home/frank/mydroid/.repo/repo/subcmds/”, line 124, in _SyncManifest
File “/home/frank/mydroid/.repo/repo/”, line 777, in StartBranch
raise GitError(’%s checkout %s ’ % (, rev))
error.GitError: manifests checkout refs/remotes/origin/master
Any ideas?
Thanks a lot in advance.

i meet the same problem, and still struggle on it

Hi, webber:

It is kind of networking problem which the networking connection is not

very good at the moment.

You can repeat the command and finally you can fetch the source.


thanks david,
i’ll try again this weekend…

2009/2/6 david zhu <>