Problem with microUSB connector


I just noticed a problem with the beaglebone black, the microUSB connector wears out very quickly, I have two units which have this problem, I bought these some months ago, I used a new microUSB cable but the problem remained.

Although it is not a serious problem for me as I use the external +5VDC connector and ethernet cable, I still would like to know if others have had this problem.


I have not seen nor heard of this issue. We have received no RMAs related to this sort of issue.


Mine has a similar issue, right out of the box. Certain (most?) microUSB cables are loose in the socket, which causes the system to reset if it’s bumped into or moved around. It’s not enough of an annoyance for me to RMA the unit, though.


Same here. I have a normally-stable microUSB connection, but if the connector is bumped, the connection can be disrupted (both power and data).