Problem with pinout configuration in my BBB

Hello all.
I have a problem with my BeagleBone Black pinout configuration.
I found this project couple months ago:

In my project i’ve planned to use pwm pins P8_13; P8_19 and P9_14; P9_16 to sending the pwm signal to my mobile robot motors. I’ve planned to use this platform: version with 4 encoders and 4 motors and to controll the wheels.

I was try to wrote with python some example code to test the connections in my “robot” and here is the problem: Whatever pin a was try to use, my BBB didn’t do nothing and show me this in console:

[ 6751.522455] ehrpwm 48304200.ehrpwm: Duty is larger than period

I was try to configure pins and his duty and period but nothing still works and the message is the same.
In addition to the /lib/ firmware directory some guys in You Tube have bone_pwm_PX_XX files and in my case i don’t see any of that files.
I actually lost hope to run the project :frowning: Maybe someone will help me here.