problem with swissbit sd card in Beagleboard-xm

hi all,
we are working with beagleboard-xm. we did custom code for sd card booting it is working fine with kingstone sd card and also beagleboard-xm provided sd card also. But now we are going to use standard sd card such as swissbit. When we use swissbit Sd card beagleboard-xm is not booting. i don’t know what is the difference between those two. please help me why swissbit sd card is not working in beagleboard-xm??
thanks in advance.

Most likely it cannot work at the lower voltage which means it is out of spec. Voltage is 3.0V on the xM.


What size card are you trying to use?


beagleboard-xm is booting with they provided sd card, but we are using same booting files with swissbit sd card. beagleboard didn’t show any serialport messages. inserial port it gives 00. i used swissbit MLC,class 6, 4GB SD card.

Understood. I can’t really answer what the issue might be. Other than maybe the card was not created correctly. Try re-flashing the SD card again.


how to re-flash the sd card??

i am using SDformatter 4 when i used the FULL(Erase) option it gives text like “flash erase” option has been cancelled because this device didnt support it. is sdformatter 4 supports my(swissbit mlc class 6 4GB) sd card??

i tried with formatter 4 to format the swissbit sd card if i used option format type is Full(erase), it gives text like flash erase operation is canceled because this device didn’t support it. what is problem?

is there any response or any cluess about this swisbit sd card???/???